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October 18, 2007


Northern Marine: a leader in resin infusion technology

As a growing number of boat builders begin to recognize the significant advantages of the resin infusion process compared to open-mold composite fabrication methods, and take steps to integrate this advanced technology into their production operations, they'll be using many of the techniques developed and refined over recent years by Northern Marine engineers and lamination specialists. As one of the earliest proponents of resin infusion, Northern Marine today is recognized as an industry leader in its application. The company’s growing fleet of luxury motoryachts and long-range cruisers offers proof of the technology's attributes in terms of structural integrity, strength-to-weight ratio, durability and finish. "Simply put, resin infusion is a way to produce a stronger, lighter, better composite part by using vacuum to eliminate air from lamination processes," said Dave Mahalko, Northern Marine's vice president of marketing. "The infusion process enables us to fully saturate the fabric matrix—fiberglass, E-glass, carbon fiber and coring—for maximum strength with measurably less resin, which translates to reduced weight and greater operating efficiency—higher speeds and greater cruising range—in the finished boat."

Mahalko added that the process developed by Northern Marine engineers focuses on a calculated sequence of vacuum applications enabling the yard to infuse very large and highly detailed composite parts, including hull and superstructure of the 152' Sorcha and the 151' After Eight. "We infuse every large composite part of every boat we build," Mahalko said, "from hull and deck units to bulkheads and overhead panels."

In addition to the structural and performance improvements that resin infusion delivers, Mahalko pointed to its ecological benefits. As a closed-mold process, he said, resin infusion virtually eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

As evidence of Northern Marine's success with resin infusion, Mahalko cited Sorcha's recently completed trans-Pacific voyage, during which the motor yacht routinely encountered severe conditions including seas in excess of 25' and ocean crossings as long as 3400 nautical miles.

About Northern Marine

Northern Marine Industries, Inc., is a leading builder of high-quality motoryachts and long-range cruisers ranging in length from 57' to 151'. A pioneer in the application of resin infusion composite technology, Northern Marine produces vessels of superior strength and low weight compared to those built using conventional methods. Since opening its doors in 1995 the company has built and delivered more than 25 yachts to 152' in length, one of which has completed a circumnavigation voyage and another, a two-way trans-Pacific crossing.

In addition to lamination and manufacturing operations, Northern Marine maintains an in-house woodshop, metal shop and design department. The yard currently employs about 50 people.

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