Every Detail Considered
Every Desire Met – Beyond Expectation
Every Desire Met
Beyond Expectation
Customized – For You
Northern Marine has a robust reputation for building world-class luxury yachts as well as Long Range Expedition Yachts. The new and improved Northern Marine is ready to embrace new clients for both custom luxury as well as expedition style yachts. The same experienced and skilled employees will be providing improved services to our discerning customers.
Precision - On A Grand Scale
Recognizing that each owner has an ideal yacht in mind, we offer significant flexibility to create a one-of-a-kind statement. Whether you seek an expedition yacht with an aft or forward pilothouse configuration, your selection choices can be just a few items or an almost limitless amount. Together we will work together making sure the build experience is as fun as the destinations she will take you.
Strength In Numbers
Over the many decades Northern Marine has built what amounts to a fleet of expedition yachts. Each one we build gets the same attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each one gets built with the wisdom only – time earned experience – can provide. Each gets the latest technology can offer. This insures safety, navigation, connectivity and the comforts of home are more than previously possible. In short, over the decades each is slightly better than the last ….right up until yours.
Pacific Northwest Proven – With Latest Technology
Our trawler-style expedition yachts are the opulent descendants of seagoing commercial fishing vessels. We’ve improved upon the rugged and long range cruising heritage of those ships by outfitting ours with the latest maritime technology and a reinforced hull built from resin-infused fiberglass.

The interiors feature all the hallmarks of a Northern Marine vessel; rare woods, choice granite and rich fabrics combine to give our expedition yachts a level of luxury that makes long range cruising an elegant and pampered adventure.
Precision – On A Grand Scale